Welcome to Elite Speed Program!

We are made up of skaters from northern Indianapolis to Louisville, KY.  Elite Speed is dedicated to the pursuit of Short Track Speed Skating, we support competitive athletes as well as those wishing to skate for fun and physical conditioning.  Skaters of all ages are welcome and our goal is to support and train athletes to qualify for and compete at the highest level they desire to.  Elite Speed skates out of Columbus, Indiana, please come out and join us. 

Elite Speed alumnus Taylor Wentz skates the Am Cup circuit and trains in Salt Lake City UT. Taylor won all races in her division of the 2013 Age Group Nationals.

  ESP has some up and coming competitive skaters and some new younger folks this season,  

and we've got one guy so fast all his pictures look like this.

Speed skating at it's basic level is going fast on skates, it is one of the simplest forms of athletics and the basics relatively easy to learn. If you like to skate, if you have outgrown figure skating, under grown hockey or decided that you still love skating but these sports are not for you, or you just think it is cool and don't know how to skate, you should give speed skating a try.

We are a non-profit organization and our program has been an official US Speedskating member since Oct. 2010.  We compete at meets throughout the mid-west including MissouriIllinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.



At some point you will need a U.S Speedskating membership:  http://www.usspeedskating.org


Elite Speed Skating in Indiana