About Elite Speed 7v7 Football

Established in 2022 Elite Speed 7 v 7 Football is in its second year as an organized recreational activity that will enhance a player’s fundamental skill set. We view 7 v 7 as a tool for skill position players to develop and improve their skills during the off season while still getting the chance to be highly competitive – all in preparation for their next regular football season.

Program Philosophy

Elite Speed’s goal is to develop players and form teams to compete at the highest level in the country. The program will require a significant commitment from players when attending all practices and games where attendance is mandatory for all players. The Elite Speed team enters each tournament and will go into every game with a mindset to win every game. 

Meet The Coaches


Cameron James

Head Coach & Director/ 18U WR Coach

terrance poe

Terrance Poe

Offensive Coordinator 18U

Sherand Boyd Jr.

18U Defensive Coordinator/ DB Coach

pierre gee tucker

Pierre Gee Tucker

Assistant Defensive Coordinator/ 18U Linebacker Coach


christian perez

Christian Perez

15U Offensive Coordinator/ Elite Speed QB Coach (All Age Groups)

Coach Zo

15U Defensive Coordinator/ DB Coach

Coach Pruitt

15U DBs/LBs Coach


John Meritt

John Meritt

14U Head Coach/ Offensive Coordinator

chrys colley

Chrys Colley

14U Defensive Coordinator/ DBs Coach

michael romshek

Micheal Romshek

14U DBs/LB Coach

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